Kid's Yoga Summer Day Camp in Brevard County

Looking for a new "twist" in summer camp! Bikram Yoga on the Island hosts Kid's Camp 2011!! Our camps include non-heated yoga sessions. Each day has a different focus: yoga postures (standing and floor poses, backbends, inversions and restorative poses), as well as yoga games to build strength, flexibility, focus and FUN! We will also incorporate story-telling, leadership skills, Indian and Japanese culture and languages, sidewalk art, healthy snacks, relaxation and discussion about how yoga relatees to our lives. Teen Yoga Camps will also include journaling, meditation and relaxation.

What can Yoga offer my child?
Yoga helps children develop strong flexible healthy bodies and clear focused minds. It's 5,000 year old system of physical postures and deep relaxation promotes self confidence and discipline to succeed in school, sports and all creative activies. Through yoga children learn to relax and enjoy life, despite the fast pace and high stress of today's world. Not only that, but yoga is also fun!

Have questions? 
321-452-YOGA (9642)


Master Teacher Mary Jarvis Comes to BYOTI

WHO: Senior Master Teacher, Mary Jarvis from
Global Bikram Yoga in San Francisco, CA. Check out
Mary’s bio on our website: www.BikramYogaMI.com.

WHAT: Master Class & Posture Clinic. Master Class
is only available to seminar participants! This will be
a 2 hour or 1 hour and 45 minute class!

FOR WHOM: Beginner students, seasoned students,
competitive athletes yogis, and teachers

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday April 2 & 3
SAT 10 am: Master class for seminar attendees
12-5 pm: Posture clinic
7-9 pm Yogi night out party at the Green Room

SUN 10 am: Master class for Seminar Attendees
12-3 pm: clinic
3-5 pm: Unlimited Q & A session for teachers
and yogi athletes coaching

WHERE: Where else? BYOTI, Merritt Island, FL
(87 East Merritt Ave. Merritt Island FL, 32953)

HOW MUCH: Both Days: $100 pre-registration
After March 27: $125.

Limited Space Available!

SAT or SUN one day spaces only if space available!

DISCOUNTS: Bikram Yoga Club Members
Both days, $90. After March 27, $115.
Current Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers:
Both Days, $50. After March 27: $65.

OTHER: Regular class at 8 am on Sat & Sun for
non-clinic and 30-Day Challengers.

4:30 classes cancelled both days!

PARTY TIME: RSVP at the front desk for Saturday
night 7-9 at the Green Room. 9-11 Bonfire on the
beach or sailing.


BONUS: 30-Day Challengers attending the Master
class & Seminar both days is equivalent to
2 classes per day!

Check out the FACEBOOK Event page: Master Class & Posture Clinic with Mary Jarvis


Japanese language class

Bikram Yoga On The Island’s
International Class
Bikram Yoga Japanese class by Yumi
February 27, Sunday @ 8:00AM


Yoga News for mid-February

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